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Looking for Employee Time Clocks ?

How do Employee Time Clocks save you money compared to traditional Bundy Clocks?

What does a traditional Bundy Clock do?

  • Costs more money every month with bundy card and bundy clock ribbon purchases
  • Requires maintenance
  • Allows users to clock mates in
  • Gives you simple clocking information

What can't a Bundy Clock do?

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  • Upgrade to integrate with payroll
  • Allow multiple clocks on single sites joined to one database
  • Utilise a USB back up procedure when your network is down
  • Utilise a USB stick for remote sites
  • Run in multiple time zones
  • Show Reports
  • Calculate payroll hours

How can our New CS Time clock - Fingerprint help you?

Picture of our new CS Employee Time Clock

Works With and Without a Computer.
To access the included on board free software you can plug your CS Time Clock - Fingerprint into your LAN (local area network) giving your access to the free software from any computer within your business using secure password protection.

No Time card and Time Ribbons costs "Ever"

  • Get Daily and Weekly hours - All Software Included
  • View "Employee who is on site" report
  • Add Employee names and Employee numbers directly on the unit (no software required)
  • Access your clock over the internet (from anywhere in the world with a web browser)
  • Download data onto a USB stick
  • Upgrade as your business grows
  • Upgrade to full Time Clock software
  • Upgrade to include Siren
  • Perfect when no network available (utlise USB functionality)
  • Perfect for your Cafe's, Small Retail Stores, Restaurant's
  • CS Time Clock - The IT departments Time Clock of choice
  • Pin, Proximity or Fingerprint
  • 12 Months Support


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The software included in this demostration video is included onboard the time clock and included in the purchase price.Here to View from Time Clock

After downloading the data onto your USB stick, you can open the file in Microsoft Excel. The File will show you total daily and weekly hours. If you are using or considering TNA Time and Attendance software we can show you how to import the data from the USB stick directly into TNA Time and Attendance software.

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